Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

Become a client

What is TICA Trends & Trade?

TICA Trends & Trade is a B2B purchasing center where you can buy as a professional 7 days a week. As a pass holder at TICA you can purchase per item from more than 200 different suppliers, you do not have a minimum purchase, you pay at a central cash register and you receive one clear invoice. Read more about TICA and discover even more purchasing benefits? Read more about us here.

Where can I register as a customer?

You can register here as a customer by filling in the registration form.

What criteria does my company have to meet to become a cardholder?

We carefully screen every request for a client card, so only professionals making business-related purchases or who are linked to the lifestyle sector can use our purchasing platform. These can be professional resellers as well as end users. When screening applications, we pay attention to the following criteria:

  • You are a reseller or professional end user
  • You are a professional purchaser of home, gift, garden, food, or fashion products
  • You are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • You have a valid VAT number and a valid proof of identity
  • You intend to purchase products for a business purpose that matches the context of both our and your businesses.

I have registered as a customer via the website, what happens now?

Our team will review the application and determine whether you qualify for a customer card. You will receive an email from us as soon as the application has been assessed. You will receive the customer card during your first visit to the cash & carry. Report to the reception and we will ensure that your customer card is ready before the end of your visit. You do not need to make an appointment for this. Always take your Chamber of Commerce extract and proof of identity with you. Are you unsure whether the application has gone through successfully or is it taking a long time? Then take a moment contact .

Admission Policy

How come my neighbour can shop here with a different type of company?

Entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for related items to mix with their own range or styling project. The industry blurring of the market is therefore becoming increasingly complex. With a market that is difficult to define, pre-screening customer applications can also be challenging. We therefore apply a hygiene-business purposes admission policy. In addition, purchases are monitored in context with the purchasing objective and the nature of the company. Purchases for a styling project obviously look different than purchases for a gift collection or flower shop.

How do I distinguish myself as a business?

We understand that the impact of industry replacement poses challenges for entrepreneurs. We offer you such a large and diverse range so that you can effortlessly make your collection or interior project distinctive. Do you need advice for your company? take it easy contact with us.

Client card

I am a new customer. When will I receive my customer card?

You will receive the customer card during your first visit to the cash & carry. Sign up at the reception and we'll make sure your customer card for the end of your visit is ready. You do not need to make an appointment for this. Always bring your Chamber of Commerce extract and proof of identity with you.

I have lost my client card. What do I do?

No problem, the passes are name-bound so no one can enter on your customer card. Please report to the reception on your next visit, and we will make a new customer card for you.

Where can I shop with my client card?

You can with a customer card from TICA Trends & Trade purchase at no less than 3 different locations; Aalsmeer, Venlo and the Concept Store† In addition, you can also buy online via TICA.NL.

How do I change my client details?

You can report a change to customer data at the reception. Always bring a valid proof of identity with you when changing your data. You can do this contact record.

How much does a client card cost?

From 2021, an annual pass is valid for one calendar year and costs €49,50 per year per company. You will receive a message from us about this in the event of a pass renewal. Do you have questions about the change in the costs for a customer card? Then take contact with us.

How many people can use the card?

The annual pass is valid for a maximum of two authorized persons. Additional customer cards are available on request and cost €24,50 per year per customer card.

How do I apply for an additional card?

Are you already a customer and do you want to have an extra card created for your colleague, for example? You can request this by email. We will process the application and make a decision based on your purchasing behaviour. TIP: Always send your customer number with a request, so that we can process the request faster.

Can I bring someone with me to help me with my shopping?

This is allowed, but the person will need their own card in their name to be allowed in. There is a limit to the number of cards that each company can request, so please choose your purchasing partner carefully. This person can also enter without you to make purchases in the name of the company.

Order / reorder online

TICA en Orderchamp bring the best of both worlds together; an omnichannel wholesale experience for TICA-pass holders. From now on you can buy your favorite brands offline at one of the TICA locations but also online (again) order at Orderchamp - the digital purchasing platform with more than 6.000 brands. read here. Lake..



Can I park for free?

During your visit, you can park for free in our car parks. We kindly ask you to park your car in the designated parking spaces. The spaces at the exit are for loading only.

Shopping trolleys

Where can I find the shopping trolleys?

You will find our shopping trolleys and Danish containers outside the cash & carry. Do you need to take large items to the checkout? Ask our colleagues for help!

Where can I leave my full shopping trolley?

If your shopping cart is full, you can present it to one of our cashiers. Your name and customer number will be attached to the shopping cart and it will then be parked near the cash register. You will also be asked whether, if the moment permits, scanning may be started.


Where can I find information about the stock in the cash & carry?

Unfortunately, we have no insight into the stocks of our exhibitors. In our cash & carry's you will find more than 1.000.000 different products from more than 200 different exhibitors who deliver new offers every day. An overview of the range can be found on our website. Do you want to be sure that you don't miss out on your next visit? Order your favorite products via the TICA scan app or order online via TICA.NL. Please note: the processing time of orders can take a few days. 

Do you have a catalog?

Our exhibitors’ ranges change so fast that we cannot offer an up-to-date catalogue featuring all the items you can purchase. However, every quarter, we launch a new trend in the cash & carry and online – this is entirely devoted to the latest exhibitor collections and the latest trends in the field of lifestyle.

Which exhibitors can I find in your cash & carry?

View the exhibitor page on our website to see an overview of all exhibitors

Do the prices shown in the cash & carry include or exclude VAT?

All prices shown in the cash & carry and in the online and offline means of communication are exclusive of VAT. The VAT is settled at checkout and is stated separately on the invoice.

Which products have a (low) VAT rate of 9% and which products have a (high) VAT rate of 21%?

The VAT rate for items that fall within the basic necessities of life, including food and all non-alcoholic drinks, is 9%. All other goods are taxed at a VAT rate of 21%.

Who can go inside?

Can my child come with me?

Children up to 18 are welcome in the cash & carry and do not require their own card.

Can I bring my bag inside?

Your are NOT allowed to bring bags inside. Lockers are available at the entrance to safely store your personal belongings. TICA Trends & Trade cannot be held liable for the loss, damage, or theft of your personal belongings.

Are dogs allowed inside?

Provided that a dog fits in a shopping cart and stays in it, it can come along. It is not allowed to let dogs roam freely in our cash & carries.

Can I bring someone with me to help me with my shopping?

This is allowed, but the person will need their own card in their name to be allowed in. There is a limit to the number of cards that each company can request, so please choose your purchasing partner carefully. This person can also enter without you to make purchases in the name of the company.


Where can I find the restaurant?

AALSMEER | You will find the restaurant on the first floor at TICAHere you can enjoy a fresh lunch, hot meal or a cup of coffee with a delicious snack. Prefer a short stop? Then visit our coffee corner in the green hall and enjoy our special coffee assortment and sweet treats.

VENLO † you will find the restaurant at the end of our purchasing hall on the first floor. Here you can enjoy a fresh lunch, hot meal or a cup of coffee with a delicious snack. Prefer a short stop? Then walk to the take away past the last cash register. Here you will find sweet treats, delicious coffee and chilled drinks. 

What will I find on the menu?

Our menu consists of a fixed selection of hot meals, fresh sandwiches, snacks, drinks and sweets. This is alternated with a changing selection of soups, sandwiches, juices and hot dishes.

Do you take dietary requirements into account?

As we think it is important that everyone who visits us can relax and enjoy a delicious snack, we try to take different dietary requirements into account as much as possible in our menu. If you’re unsure which ingredients are in our dishes or want us to make any changes to your dish, feel free to ask one of our employees! All of our sandwiches and meals are freshly prepared on the spot and put together according to your wishes.   

Tip: Try our homemade banana bread, a real bestseller!


Is it possible to return products?

Because products do not belong to us, but to the exhibitors, we cannot accept returns unless there is a manufacturing defect. Complaints can be emailed to us within five working days with a description of the complaint and your customer number via info@tica.NL.

My purchased product is defective, what now?

Products that break down after purchase, for example when packing or transporting the newly purchased goods, will not be reimbursed and are the responsibility of the cardholder. We only reimburse manufacturing defects/clamations and no broken items. So always check the items well before you buy them! You can return products with manufacturing defects or if you have a complaint.

You can return products with manufacturing defects/complaints. Please contact us within five working days via info@tica.NL. Mention the description of the complaint plus your customer number in the email for correct handling.

First aid

Is there a care provider on site?

A first aider and several emergency response officers are available every day to act in the event of industrial accidents/emergencies.

Is there an AED available?

We are in possession of an AED.

Are wheelchairs available in the cash & carry?

A wheelchair is available in our cash & carry. If you require a wheelchair, please call customer service in advance and we will prepare it for you, or report to reception during your visit.


Is the property secured?

Our branches are equipped with camera surveillance.

Are the products secured?

Our products are visibly and invisibly secured against theft.

Payment & packing

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay with cash or by card at the checkout. We accept credit card, MasterCard, and Visa payments subject to an additional fee of 2%.

Op TICA.nl you can pay with iDeal and CreditCard.

Do you accept gift vouchers?

Because we are a purchasing center / wholesaler, we do not issue gift vouchers. Only card holders with a loyalty card and a professional purchasing goal can purchase from us.

Are there packaging material available?

To prevent damage during transport, boxes and newspaper are available behind the cash register. Do you need tape? Feel free to ask one of our employees at the cash register or counter.


Can I also have my purchases packed and/or delivered?

If you have purchased more than you can immediately transport, then you can make use of our efficient packing and transport service. Please inform the customer service desk of your transport requirements before you pay at the checkout. The staff there will give you information about prices and delivery times, and prepare the necessary documents.

Can I reorder products?

The TICA Trends & Trade app allows you to easily search for and scan products, and place repeat orders. Place products in your shopping trolley or create a wish list. You can download the app in the App Store or Google Playstore.

Is it possible to stay overnight nearby with a discount?

Looking for a hotel near Aalsmeer of Venlo? Then book a stay at one of our selected hotels near one of our branches. Here you will receive as a customer from TICA Trends & Trade a nice discount on the room rate.


I would like to work for you, are there any vacancies?

Are you looking for a nice (side) job and would you like to work at the home, gift & garden purchasing platform in Europe? Then view our vacancies.

Complaints and suggestions

I have a suggestion or complaint, where can I report it?

Where work is done, mistakes are sometimes made, very humanely. If you have a complaint or feedback, please do not hesitate contact so that we can get started on this. With your help, we can continue to improve our service and processes.