Van der Leeden Mandwerk BV

Van der Leeden Mandwerk BV

Van der Leeden Mandwerk!

The refined look of the products from Van der Leeden Mandwerk ensures that your customer recognizes the quality and craftsmanship at a glance. The baskets wholesale specializes in traditional basketwork, (small) furniture and deco items for in and around the house. The products are made from natural materials and are produced with great care and passion.

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Wholesale van der Leeden Since its foundation in 1915, it has grown into a leading import/export company, specializing in traditional basketry, furniture and decorative items for the home and garden. Are you looking for an addition to your collection for home and garden decoration? Then quickly complete your range with the beautiful products of this TICA exhibitor.

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Van der Leeden Maandwerk is one of the dozens of suppliers at TICA† with more than 20.000 m2 of cash & carry, it is the most complete B2B purchasing center in the Netherlands. The huge range is tailored to the retailer in the home, gift and garden industry and to interior professionals. More than 180 exhibitors collectively have more than 500.000 articles on display at TICA† Each exhibitor has his own space, where you can find the articles.

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