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The GM Z collection consists of beautiful leather bags, wallets and accessories. This brand was founded by the sisters Germaine and Titi tournier† They take care of all the care of the products themselves, from design to production. Germaine, who lives in Bali, is mainly involved in production by collaborating with a local production team and directing Titi focuses on distribution. Because the sisters have everything under their own management, they can guarantee dat the GM Z products are produced sustainably and fairly. The result is a beautiful collection of leather accessories of excellent quality. Whether you are looking for a nice leather wallet, bag, laptop sleeve, clutch or pencil case. You will find it in the booth of Trunk tournier at TICA.

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Shop the beautiful leather accessories from Trunk tournier at B2B purchasing center TICA in Aalsmeer. in the cash & carry of no less than 20.000 m2, you will find plenty of fashion, lifestyle, food, gift, home, garden and lifestylearticles. You can buy per piece and pay at a central cash register. Combine the collections of the more than 180 exhibitors and put together your own unique collection.

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