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TICA en Orderchamp have entered into a partnership to TICA provide cardholders with the full wholesale purchasing experience. Order your favorite from now on TICA brands through Orderchamp.

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Our online range is only part of the complete range. Do you want to view the full range? Then visit our cash & carry in Aalsmeer of Venlo and discover more than 300 wholesalers.

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Textile wholesale

You will find the best range of textile wholesalers at the B2B purchasing centers of TICA Trends & Trade† Discover the wide range in our 3 locations.

Home textiles from dozens of suppliers

A collection of home decoration is not complete without the right pillows and throws. Bee TICA Trends & Trade You will find plenty of home textiles in many variants, shapes and sizes. Various suppliers sell luxury bath and bed linen, kitchen textiles, pillows, plaids and more in the textile category. These products are the perfect additional sales and therefore provide extra turnover! People simply like to make regular changes to the interior. The choice often falls on replacing the textile in the interior with a different color or print. You know, those little tweaks that make a big difference! There are plenty of wholesalers at TICA Trends & Trade who offer an extensive range of cushions and throws in all colours, shapes and materials. In addition to the pillows and throws, TICA Trends & Trade also an extensive collection of kitchen textiles.