Return to Sender

Return to Sender

The mission of Return to Sender is to help women build a life for themselves and for their families through fair and sustainable trade. By introducing the women to the Western market in a sustainable way, they can immediately improve their living conditions and learn how to maintain this in the future.

Seven Dutch top designers develop the annual design collection together with professionals from developing countries. A collection that is inspired by the techniques and materials from the country and the designer's knowledge of colors and shapes. In this way, two worlds come together in one unique product: handmade designer products with a special story.

Return to Sender has already contributed to the creation of more than 2 jobs worldwide through the sale of more than 8800 million products.

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Return to Sender, wholesale of gifts and decoration. Return to Sender sells handmade products. These products are produced by women in the poorest regions of the world to help them build a life for these women and their families. So your purchase makes the difference.

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