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Glassware wholesale

You will find the best range of glassware wholesalers at the B2B purchasing centers of TICA Trends & Trade† Discover the wide range in our 3 locations.

A wide range of glass products

For TICA Trends & Trade you will find an extensive range of wholesalers with glassware. The collections of these suppliers consist of vases, glasses, jars and much more! Would you like to order from one of these suppliers? Then sign up as a customer and discover what benefits we have to offer you!

Timeless and indispensable

Glassware is beautiful in its own right, but it is also indispensable for many industries, such as florists for example. The presentation of flower arrangements in glass gives a bouquet an extra beautiful look. Glassware is timeless and it comes back every season, albeit in all different shapes, colors and designs, but that is what is so nice about glass. You can really go in all directions with it, from modern to mouth blown vases and pots (and in season of course also Christmas balls!). Bee TICA Trends & Trade you will find the glassware wholesaler for all living styles. From wholesale glass vases to wholesale glassware jars.

Practical use

In addition to being timeless and stylish, glassware can also be used very practically in the interior when you think of catering accessories. Think, for example, of drinking glasses, pots, dishes, crockery, jugs and dispensers. But there are also many possibilities in the field of glassware as presentation options, such as bell jars. Plenty to discover at our glassware wholesalers.