Van Mil Groothandel ZWN B.V.

Van Mil Groothandel ZWN B.V.

Half a century of experience at Van Mil!

Van Mil is wholesaler of floristry- In home accessories† The exhibitor has more than half a century of experience in floristry products and therefore has a keen eye for what the market demands. The exhibitor knows that price is of great importance, and that this should not be at the expense of your margin. To support this, they always strive for competitive purchase prices to keep costs as low as possible.

Unique products with an attractive margin

The collections of Van Mil are composed according to a specific concept, by theme, by color or by season. In addition, this exhibitor has an extensive range that is available all year round. It is extremely important for the company to offer unique products with an attractive margin for you. To ensure this, the products are produced in Asia and Europe.

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