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TICA en Orderchamp have entered into a partnership to TICA provide cardholders with the full wholesale purchasing experience. Order your favorite from now on TICA brands through Orderchamp.

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Our online range is only part of the complete range. Do you want to view the full range? Then visit our cash & carry in Aalsmeer of Venlo and discover more than 300 wholesalers.

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Pottery wholesale

You will find the best range of pottery wholesalers at the B2B purchasing centers of TICA Trends & Trade† Discover the wide range in our 3 locations.

Pots for indoor and outdoor use

For TICA Trends & Trade various suppliers offer an extensive range of pottery in all conceivable styles, colours, shapes and sizes! Think of pots made of ceramics, earthenware, glass, reed, rattan, wood and much more. Several suppliers at TICA have extensive collections of pots and vases especially for indoor use, others specialize in outdoor pots. Bee TICA you will find a diverse trendy range with ceramic pots, vases, tea holders, lanterns and more. Specialized wholesalers in large pots, vases and bowls of various unique materials offer their collections here. In addition to the countless pots for indoor use, various suppliers also have pots that are suitable for outdoor use.

All shapes and sizes

When you think of pottery you probably immediately think of flower pots and vases, but TICA Trends & Trade has much more to offer. Also think of piggy banks, candy jars and so on, the collection is infinitely diverse. TICA Trends & Trade has everything in the field of indoor and outdoor pottery!