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TICA en Orderchamp have entered into a partnership to TICA provide cardholders with the full wholesale purchasing experience. Order your favorite from now on TICA brands through Orderchamp.

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Our online range is only part of the complete range. Do you want to view the full range? Then visit our cash & carry in Aalsmeer of Venlo and discover more than 300 wholesalers.

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You will find the best range of floristry wholesalers at the B2B purchasing centers of TICA Trends & Trade† Discover the wide range in our 3 locations.

All your floristry items can be found at TICA Trends & Trade

For TICA Trends & Trade you will find, among other things, a wide range of items that fall within the floristry category. You can contact us for vases, artificial flowers, artificial plants, decorative material and everything for arranging and maintaining flowers and plants. Visit our cash & carry centers and discover our extensive collection of floristry items.

Decoration of natural material

For TICA Trends & Trade we have an extensive range of suppliers who focus on the sale of decorations made of natural materials. We see the use of natural materials more and more, because suppliers understand the importance of sustainability. These materials are ideal for composing flower arrangements. Think of branches, wreaths, large and small leaves, quail eggs and much more! Ideal as a background for flower arrangements or as an addition to your range!

Packaging materials

Naturally, the right packaging cannot be missed with a bunch of flowers or floral arrangement. Bee TICA Trends & Trade we have an abundance of packing material. Several suppliers carry an extensive range of bags, wrapping paper, ribbon, cards and fun stickers to wrap the perfect gift! This is just a selection of the huge range we have to offer in the field of packaging material for the floristry. Will you come by soon?