Exner GMBH

Home decor with character of Exner!

The collection of Exner consists of home accessories made of different materials such as terracotta, ceramics, glass and metal. Exner strives to offer a collection with a unique and characteristic appearance at an affordable price. The collections of Exner can be found all over Europe.

Ahead of seasons

In anticipation of the next season you will find at Exner always new collections anticipating what's to come. Spring decorations, colorful summer items, cozy autumn products or Christmas decorations can be found in good time at the stand of Exner† Surprise your customers with new distinctive articles every time!

Exner buy at TICA Trends & Trade

Exner is one of the dozens of suppliers at purchasing center Trends & Trade† with more than 20.000 m2 of cash & carry, the most complete lifestyle purchasing center of the Netherlands. The huge offer is tailored to the retailer in the home, gift and garden industry and interior professionals. Together with Exner 180 exhibitors collectively have more than 500.000 items on display at Trends & Trade† Each exhibitor has his own space, where you can find the articles.

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