Evenaar Groothandel B.V.

Evenaar Groothandel B.V.

Lifestyle trends of Evenaar!

Evenaar Groothandel is always following the latest living and lifestyle trends. Evenaar uses these trends as a means of inspiration and will always put its own (wise) stamp on the collection with lots of color, striking designs and products that are just that little bit different.

Evenaar is specialized in home decorations, small furniture en textile accessories. Evenaar has developed its own (wise), exclusive and trendsetting style over the years and is an appealing name in the residential world.

Ethically responsible and deliciously stubborn

Products of Evenaar are stubborn, ethically responsible and environmentally conscious. Suppliers from India ensure quality and above all trendy products with their own look and feel in an ethically responsible way. Come by and be inspired by this exhibitor with a worldly attitude. The combination of robust materials and cheerful designs make this collection unique.

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