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Aardeko BV

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With a choice of yes 50 sofa models, 1000 different fabrics, colors and many leathers from Dutch origin the term 'wholesale' seems not comprehensive enough for Aardeko BV. This company's collection has been made for 25 years by the same producers and delivered in optimal, constant quality. Because the banks come directly from the source, does this wholesaler offer a very good one price quality ratio. Wholesale specializes in banks but heats also an extensive collection dining room chairs, dining room sofas, armchairs, tables and rugs. Bequest the exhibitor at TICA for an impression of the show models and fabric samples and an extensive collection of carpets. You can visit the complete collection of show models at the showroom of this exhibitor in Mijdrecht. Come and have a look soon je inspired by the beautiful and quality furniture.

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Wholesale Aardeko BV is one of the dozens of suppliers at TICA, a professional B2B cash & carry purchasing center in Aalsmeer† Are you looking for (small) furniture and home accessories to furnish a project? Or are you looking for an addition to your collection with must haves? Then you are there TICA at the right place. More than 180 exhibitors have the newest collections at TICA presented, each in its own stand. Inspiration and experience guaranteed! You findt the state of Aardeko BV in the upstairs at TICA.

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