Designstracker offers design products (design products) made of PET panel. PET panel consists of recycled PET bottles. Thanks to the material, all products have a acoustic operation. Good application for the design products are hospitality, interior, architecture and offices

With us you will find timeless design products (at the moment many lamps) of a unique and durable material. We make our designs in such a way that they come into their own in every interior/environment. All lamps are available in many various colors in which you can combine yourself! This way you can create a unique lighting plan according to your wishes. An all black lamp gives a tough industrial look while the same design in sand gives peace and is perfect in a Scandinavian or boho decor.

All products are designed and made by ourselves here in Zwolle, the Netherlands. We only use PET panel, this is a soft material made from recycled plastic bottles. Take a look at our Material page, there we tell you all the ins and outs! Do you have questions or need help finding the right lamp? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

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