Cleanwalk B.V.

Cleanwalk B.V.

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Wholesale Cleanwalk carries an extensive range of all types of entrance mats, logo and promotion mats, area rugs, carpets, grass carpet and artificial grass. The range of mats consists of 100% cotton dry walk mats, entrance mats, rib mats, brush mats, coconut mats, rubber mats, grass mats, eco mats, printed mats, etc. Also their own brand mat, the Cleanwalk® DRY RUN MAT made of 100% cotton has become a household name, as has the Cleanscrape mat (project quality). All mats are available directly from stock, in standard sizes, rolls and custom sizes.

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For Trends & Trade sells Cleanwalk nice outdoor poufs, rugs, an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor doormats and carpets.

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Cleanwalk is one of the dozens of suppliers at Trends & Trade, the most complete B2B lifestyle purchasing center of the Netherlands. The huge range is tailored to the retailer in the home, gift and garden industry and to interior professionals. More than 180 exhibitors collectively have more than 500.000 articles on display at Trends & Trade† Each exhibitor has its own space, where you can find the articles.

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