CBI ‘Asian Sourcing’

CBI ‘Asian Sourcing’

CBI promotes imports from developing countries. They help small and medium-sized enterprises increase their economic, social and environmental sustainability by supporting them in exporting products to Europe and regional markets.

The CBI works with talented companies with beautiful products and trains them to become professional suppliers for the European market: Linking Maker & Market. Bee TICA we show the products of 23 producers from Indonesia and Bangladesh: furniture, home accessories, textiles, lighting and more! The range is characterized by a great diversity of materials, techniques and styles, in which sustainability is an important aspect. Delivering customization is possible: All manufacturers are able to translate the ideas and designs of customers into products that can be made in multiples. It is our mission to strengthen the sustainability of SMEs in developing countries. The focus is on Corporate Social Responsibility; the producers take into account the effects of their business operations on people, the environment and society.


During a special event on May 16 and 17, we will present this new collection together with some of the producers and experts of the CBI. They can help you solve your sourcing issues. We focus on importers and wholesalers who import their products directly from Asia.

In contrast to the other more than 300 brands, you can visit the CBI exhibition TICA do not buy directly, but you come into contact with the contact persons of the companies from Bangladesh and Indonesia.

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