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TICA en Orderchamp have entered into a partnership to TICA provide cardholders with the full wholesale purchasing experience. Order your favorite from now on TICA brands through Orderchamp.

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Our online range is only part of the complete range. Do you want to view the full range? Then visit our cash & carry in Aalsmeer of Venlo and discover more than 300 wholesalers.

Wholesale candles

You will find the best range of candle wholesalers at the B2B purchasing centers of TICA Trends & Trade† Discover the wide range in our 3 locations.

All shapes and sizes, candles for every occasion

There are very few collections in the home, gift and garden industry in which candles do not fit. That's why TICA Trends & Trade offers a huge collection. The candles we carry TICA Trends & Trade range from classic to modern, from soft earth tones to colorful surprising color combinations. A candle for every occasion! Scented candles, dinner candles, outdoor candles, colored candles, glitter and glamor candles with a layer of glitter or mother-of-pearl?… You can think of it so crazy, or TICA Trends & Trade has it! You will find the candles in the perfect presentation at various exhibitors. Combined with the right wind lights, cushions and candlesticks.

Scented candles and gifts

Not only the standard candles, torches and tea lights are part of the range, scented candles can also be found in large numbers at TICA Trends & Trade† Complete your collection of gift items or home decoration with the most delicious scented candles and scented sticks and seduce your customers with a wonderful scent in your store!