Colorful stuffed insects in frames and cloches

At Vlinderwereld you will find attractive & unique items to complete your collection! Vlinderwereld is par excellence unique to name. The authentic products give your collection a luxurious look. The range of Vlinderwereld consists of colorful winged insects in glasses cloches and photo frames† But beautiful crystals and stuffed puffer fish also adorn the range.

Taxidermie X buy home decoration from Vlinderwereld

Originally, the preparation of insects was done to study the animals. Bee Vlinderwereld the purpose is mainly decorative. The most beautiful butterflies and beetles get a nice frame or come under a bell jar. Something for your collection? For lovers of stuffed insects and butterflies, this is the perfect gift!

Buy natural butterflies and insects at TICA Trends & Trade

De butterflies and insects are genuine and the workmanship of the items is refined. The delicate critters provide a natural touch in your store. The butterflies and insects are prepared by hand and decorated in a bell jar or frame. Visit this exhibitor's booth at your next purchasing session at TICA Trends & Trade. Make your collection distinctive with unique items from the beautiful range of Vlinderwereld!

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