AAI made with love B.V.

AAI made with love B.V.

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Vfrom a passion for personality in the interior is AAI Made With love to arise† Travel through Asia en a predilection for authentic materials and production techniques distinguisht AAI since the start. Sustainability is for AAI very important. AAI has sustainability integrated into every possible step of the production process. Infrom the conditions on the shop floor to the choice of materials and the production process. All AAI products are made from natural, recycled and vintage materials. For TICA does the collection of AAI uit cushions, textiles, rugs, baskets, rugs, poufs and small-furniture. AAI is a sustainable brand with quality and unique products.

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Wholesale AAI is one of the dozens of suppliers at TICA, the B2B lifestyle shopping center in Aalsmeer. The aoffer at TICA is tailored to the retailer, project designer, stylist and catering entrepreneur. Professionals in the home, gift, kitchen-, garden and fashion industry buy via cash & carry principle; per piece, in and pay at one central cash register† More than 180 exhibitors have their extensive collections with including home accessories, small furniture and gifts at TICA presented. Each exhibitor has its own space, where you can find the articles. je finds the booth of AAI in the Pink hall at location B17 at TICA. Register now as a customer and discover the diverse range.

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