Lifestyle X Fashion | Lemon Yellow

lemonyellow summer trend

The summer trend Lemon Yellow is all about cheerfulness, warmth, and cosy vibes, which we created by combining brilliant yellow tones from fashion and interior design collections. Ride the yellow wave and you’ll find the Lemon Yellow Lifestyle X Fashion collection at dozens of exhibitors at our cash & carry.    

Lemon yellow fashion  

We associate yellow with sunshine, positivity, and joy. This makes it the perfect colour to give your outfit a summery boost. Add yellow tones to light and breathable fabrics like cotton, and combine your outfit with subtle jewellery and accessories. That’s how you can easily get your wardrobe summer-ready.   

If live gives you lemons…  

Have you already seen all the lemons this summer in our trend product image?? That’s no coincidence, because lemon yellow is this summer’s colour! You can find more and more lemons as they appear in fashion, the lifestyle sector, publications, and products. Lemons give us summer vibes and create a fantastic colour pop in your interior or wardrobe.   

Lifestyle X Fashion shopping 

The fashion and interior collections of our exhibitors are all about the summer trend of XNUMX: Lemon Yellow. Visit our cash & carry centres in Aalsmeer and Venlo and combine Lifestyle X Fashion. By combining these product groups, you can set yourself apart as a business as you continue to surprise your customers with this successful pairing.